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Something exciting!

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately!

  • Moving house
  • Setting it up with new furniture that we need to pay cash for ’cause no one will give us any credit ’cause we haven’t been working here for long enough
  • Work
  • and my plans for a new car

To be honest, what’s been most exciting for me has been the new car. You might remember me talking about buying a Ford Fairmont when we arrived in Australia, but we bought a Ford Falcon S-Pack instead. It was nice enough, to be sure, but I never lost sight of the ‘dream’ of having a Ford Fairmont.

Until now, that is.

Now that I’ve been working for a little while, I’ve been investigating various options available to me, to help me get the car that I really want. It was originally the Fairmont, and I’ve done some test driving as well, to find the right model – the one that feels the best. I’d say it’s a shame that I’ve changed my mind, but it’s really not.

I’ve decided to get myself the latest model Ford XR6 Turbo that I can afford. With all the options that I’ve investigated, I think that’s going to be a 2007 model, buying it with what’s called a Novated Lease and with a fleet discount that’ll hopefully drop it down into my price range.

When my friend Peter found out I was considering the XR6 he lent me his own XR6 to drive for the next few months, until I get my own. He’s been riding a new motorbike so he just hasn’t been driving the car. To him, it’s better to have it used than to sit around gathering dust. I have good friends.

So driving his car around, along with the test drives I’ve had of the XR6, the XR6 Turbo, and the Fairmont, has made me realise a new side to myself. The side that just LOVES driving a large performance car!

Here’s a few photos of Peter’s car, which has been so much fun to drive:

It’s a very nice car to drive, with lots of comfort and lots of power. I’m also looking forward to joining a local XR6 club, which is comprised of a bunch of XR6 (or the V8 version, the XR8) drivers who go on regular cruises around the countryside. It’s a good way of doing lots of driving, travelling and seeing the country, and meeting other performance car enthusiasts.

When I was test driving the XR6 Turbo and the extent of the power that was available in it, Deidre was smiling more than me! She’s a bit of a revhead, I think….

I’ve never had a performance car in my life, so this is a nice, new experience for me, and one which I’m very much looking forward to.

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