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I'm starting to seriously look for somewhere else to stay today. A few weeks ago, Kylie decided that she wanted to move back to where she came from, and so I wasn't going to stay here by myself, or get others in – as I don't have enough furniture of my own to fill a house – so I'm moving out as well. The deadline was 16th December, and this was pointed out to our landlord as well. He found some new tenants to take over the lease from that point on, so everything's worked out well. Now I just have to find somewhere to live by then. I don't think I'll have a problem, but I'm going to be picky about where I stay and who I stay with. It won't be under emergency conditions either, as Vicki has offered her spare room in case I need it, so that gives me a bit more flexibility and reduces panic mode as time runs out. There's been a few places this morning that I phoned up about, but most of them involve living with half a dozen guys or whatever… that's just not my scene. Preferably, I'm looking at sharing with one or two others, with me having a large bedroom to fit my bed and computer in, and the one responsible for the house needs to be flexible on me installing another phone line for my internet usage.

I've got two mailing groups for single people, that I set up back in June this year. One is for single in Canberra, the other is for singles in NZ. The latter reached 30 subscribers today, while the Canberra one is only on 22. In both groups, conversation is quite limited. The Canberra subscribers seem to talk a little bit more than the NZ ones, but only marginally. Hopefully I can get some conversations happening soon…

I'm planning on going for a drive up the coast today with Vicki, and take some photos of the coast from a great lookout. I really do have to update my Images section with photos… it's been a long time since I've done some updating, but there's plenty of photos to update it with. That'll happen soon, I promise. But it might not be until after I move, when things are settled again.

My agenda for my holiday back in Australia has been finalised, to an extent.

26 November – flying to Sydney at 4:20pm.
28 November – flying to Canberra at 3:55pm, arriving at 4:45pm. In Canberra for 6 days.
3rd December – flying to Melbourne at 6:50pm.
4th December – flying to Wellington at 9:10am.

I'll have to take lots of photos, and write down my adventures in a notebook, so that I can update this journal with it when I get back.

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