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Star Trek: End of Federation

This is a story I created in the Star Trek play-by-email game I ran, but which finished early this year. This story began during game play, but never continued beyond April 2383 (see below), when the game ended due to lack of interest. The story was supposed to be for the background story of the galaxy, which the players and games would be part of. The ‘Erratan Galactic Republic’, or the EGR, was based on the Empire from Star Wars. The following is a timeline I created with my friend Garry’s help, and which may one day be turned into a story. (If you want to write it, contact me. As an idea, it’s copyrighted by me.)

2383, March
– EGR Task Force (8 destroyers, 2 battleships, 1 factory ship) enters Kaerine space, sends out probes throughout the galaxy
– Federation goes on alert at all the mysterious probes entering their territory

2383, April
– EGR successfully control all of Kaerine space, begin building a military base there. Initial probe results informs them of all the races of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants (Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Cardassians, etc, etc)
– Probes provide the EGR with information about the Delta Quadrant and the Dominion, including the Founders, the Vorta, and the Jem’Hadar
– Federation stands down from their alert status a couple weeks after realising there’s no more probes

2383, May
– The Dominion questions the Federation about the probes, but no one is any the wiser for the exchange of information about them
– The EGR gets information about the Borg, but that information is sketchy. All their probes are destroyed on the edges of Borg territory
– The EGR finishes building a shipyard

2383, August
– A plan is implemented where an ERG destroyer is used to lure a Borg cube into Federation space. The Borg chase it in the hope of assimilating it. The destroyer looks like it tries to make a stand against the Borg cube in an area within scanning range of a Federation starbase. Five Starfleet ships attempt to come to its aid, and the Borg cube makes short work of two of them before 2 more ERG destroyers appear. Together the 3 ERG ships and remaining Starfleet ships destroy the Borg cube. First Contact is made between the EGR and Federation and the EGR open diplomatic negotiations with Federation representatives at the starbase. The EGR request information from the Federation about the Borg, claiming to need that to help them defend themselves. The Federation gives all the information it has. The EGR thanks them and leaves 2 destroyers at the Federation starbase in case the Borg return.
– An EGR Ambassador is assigned to the starbase

2383, September
– Two Borg cubes attack the starbase, and the 2 EGR destroyers meet the Borg cubes before they can get close enough to engage Federation forces. One destroyer is destroyed and both Borg cubes damaged before another 3 destroyers jump in and assist just as the Starfleet ships arrive. The Borg cubes are destroyed.
– The EGR asks the starbase if they would like more EGR ships to assist against further Borg attacks, as well as an exchange of technology. The EGR will provide the starbase their advanced shields in exchange for the Federation transporter technology. The Starbase CO agrees to the extra EGR ships as well as the technology exchange.

2383, October
– The starbase’s shields are upgraded
– Seven EGR destroyers are based permanently in the same sector as the starbase, with 5 on patrol and 2 permanently assigned to defend the starbase
– EGR ambassador travels to Earth to meet with the Federation Council and discuss a permanent treaty. After a couple of days of talks, the Federation welcomes the EGR’s application to join the Federation.
– The Federation Council requests more technology exchange, in particular the EGR’s hyperdrive. The EGR Ambassador quotes the Federation’s own Prime Directive and states his own race has a similar policy of non-interference. Any major developments really have to be on the Federation’s initiative, rather than as gifts from advanced races. The Federation Council is unable to argue against the foundation of their own Prime Directive.

2384, January
– Evidence suggests a Cardassian ship attacked and destroyed a Federation farming colony on the Federation side of the Cardassian border.
– The Cardassians deny their involvement in the attack, but the colony’s sensor logs show it was definitely a Cardassian ship
– The EGR Ambassador influences a member of the Federation Council to suggest that the Cardassians may be attempting to take territory that they consider was once theres, and after having rebuilt their military over the past 8 years, feel that they are now in a position to regain what was lost to them. The Council member suggests that the EGR, with their hyperdrive-capable ships, might be in a position to help provide security along the Cardassian border. The EGR Ambassador says he would need to talk to his superiors about involving themselves in the internal security matters of the Federation.
– A week later the EGR Ambassador agrees to the Federation Council’s request for providing security along the Cardassian border on the condition that their Federation membership be fast-tracked accordingly. The Ambassador suggests it might be wise to ensure that only Federation members provide internal assistance to the Federation.

2384, February
– The United Federation of Planets welcomes its newest member, the EGR
– Within minutes of the announcement, EGR places a number of destroyers on patrol along the Cardassian border
– The Cardassians protest this action, and reinforce their own border

2384, April
– The EGR finish building a shipyard at Jupiter Station and use it to help increase the production level for Starfleet, being able to turn out an increased production run of ships for Starfleet using EGR industrial technology. Two destroyers are permanently assigned to it, along with other Starfleet ships, and Federation personnel man the shipyard with EGR advisors.
– EGR spies provide the Romulan Tal Shiar with details on technology that might be useful to them, at the ‘poorly defended’ shipyard at Jupiter Station, along with implications that the EGR would provide further support in the future

2384, July
– EGR ships detect gravitational anomalies approaching the shipyard at Jupiter Station at warp 8 and request Federation assistance in determining what they are. Federation personnel realise they must be cloaked ships and request reinforcements. The 2 EGR destroyers move out to intercept the anomalies and then 28 Romulan ships decloak and attack the destroyers. Four Starfleet ships become involved in the battle. At the end of it, both EGR destroyers were destroyed, along with three of the Starfleet ships. 21 of the Romulan ships were destroyed in the battle, and the remaining 7 ships retreat when Starfleet reinforcements arrive from Mars.
– Public opinion, which up until this point was mildly suspicious at EGR ships in Federation space, and so close to Earth, is instantly turned around at the news of the EGR’s sacrifice to protect Jupiter Station.
– The Federation accuses the Romulans of blatant disregard to their alliance
– The Romulans deny involvement, stating it was a rogue organisation that wasn’t sanctioned by the Romulan Senate
– The Federation cancels the alliance with the Romulans
– The Federation requests an EGR presence along the Romulan Neutral Zone, which is welcomed by public support

2384, August
– A fleet of 93 Borg cubes attacks Kaerine space, surprising the EGR. 76% of EGR forces are destroyed in the battle, but all Borg cubes are destroyed. All of the EGR battleships remain intact.
– The EGR withdraws non-essential ships from Federation space to reinforce Kaerine space.
– The EGR begins construction of a secret base on the outskirts of the galaxy in an empty resource-rich area of planetary systems. This base is given high priority, in an attempt to create a fallback location should the Kaerine sector fall to the Borg.
– The EGR announce to the Federation that they are at war with the Borg.
– The Federation offers all the assistance to the EGR they can provide.
– The EGR requests that more EGR ships be allowed to help protect Federation resources, as the Federation is likely to be attacked by the Borg for being allied to the EGR.
– The Federation agrees, and EGR destroyers are assigned to all the major systems within the Federation.

2384, September
– Romulans ally with Cardassians and Breen
– EGR uses a Starfleet ship to unsuccessfully attack a Vorta colony in the Delta Quadrant, with it being destroyed from a ‘warp core breach’ in the battle with Jem’Hadar ships
– The Dominion accuse the Federation of attacking their colony
– The Federation denies all knowledge of the attack, but reinforces DS9 near the Bajoran wormhole
– Skirmishes occur between Klingon and Romulan forces along their borders

2384, November
– The Romulans engage in talks with the Dominion, advising that the Federation and EGR are attempting to subvert the balance of power and take control of all the quadrants. They suggest the Starfleet attack against the Dominion was a test of Dominion reactions, and the Romulans propose a treaty between them and the Dominion.

2384, December
– The Dominion joins the new ‘Allies’, offering their support to the alliance now comprised of themselves, the Romulans, the Cardassians and the Breen.
– The Federation hears about the ‘Allies’ and sends diplomatic teams to each of the races to try and resolve things.
– A ‘Cardassian ship’ intercepts and destroys the ship carrying the Federation delegation to Cardassia, and is then destroyed by the EGR destroyer that was escorting the delegation.
– The EGR expresses their sincere apologies at not protecting the delegation, saying they believed the Cardassian ship’s claim that it was there to greet the delegation.
– The Federation declares a state of war with Cardassia.
– The Cardassians denial of involvement is ignored by the Federation

2385, February
– A fleet of 18 Romulan ships attacks a Federation starbase. The closest reinforcements are at DS9, comprised of EGR and Federation ships. They receive the request for reinforcements and the EGR ships jump to help repel the Romulan attack. While they are involved in the defence of the starbase and chase the retreating Romulan ships, it turns out to be a decoy, as a large co-ordinated force of 87 Romulan ships, 35 Cardassian ships, 12 Breen ships, and 76 Dominion ships coming through the wormhole, attack Deep Space Nine. The Federation defences there are overwhelmed, and the Allied fleet takes the station. However, the EGR ships, destroying the fleeing Romulan ships that attacked the nearby starbase, jump back to regain control of DS9. In the battle, approximately 60% of the Allied forces are destroyed before they run for it, seeing that EGR forces are not seriously hampered by the Allied ships defence of DS9. Just before they retreat, another ‘Cardassian ship’ arrives and fires a missile at DS9. All EGR ships were involved in battle, so the missile gets by them. Deep Space Nine explodes in a huge explosion, destroying 3 of the EGR destroyers in the process. The Allied ships retreat. Over 10,000 people on DS9 were killed.
– The EGR expresses their sorrow to the Federation for the loss and the EGR’s inability to defend DS9 with its limited number of ships available in the area, and the Federation requests increased EGR assistance with defence. The EGR agrees to the Federation’s request to place more of the EGR’s ships in Federation space.

2385, March
– The EGR Ambassador offers a solution to the Cardassian problem, pointing out that the entire history of Federation involvement with the Cardassians has shown that they are completely untrustworthy and interested only in military conflict. The EGR offers to decisively end the war with Cardassia.
– The Federation Council agrees after discussing this for over a day.
– Minutes later, a fleet of 480 EGR destroyers and battleships appear near Cardassia. Twelve minutes later the entire Cardassian defence force is decimated. One hour and twenty eight minutes later, Cardassia Prime has been destroyed by orbital bombardment by the 480 EGR ships. When they leave, there is nothing left of Cardassian civilisation except for the molten surface of a decimated planet.
– EGR announces to the Federation that they will not be bothered by the Cardassians any more. An uproar occurs as a result of the action, but the EGR Ambassador advises that countless numbers of people have been killed in wars with the Cardassians, and were likely to be killed if the Cardassians were allowed to continue their aggressive stances. All the attempts by the Federation to prevent bloodshed have failed. Now there will be no more bloodshed. The Federation Council agrees.
– The Federation President resigns. Ambassador Spock receives unanimous approval and becomes the new President of the Federation.

2385, April
– The EGR sends a fleet of 820 destroyers and battleships into the heart of Borg territory – Unimatrix 01, where the Borg queen lives and where all the Borg throughout the galaxy are controlled from. After a vicious battle with the initial Borg defence force which ends up decimated, the remaining 460 EGR ships attack the Borg unicomplex, which was composed of thousands of connected structures and hubs that housed hundreds of ships and trillions of Borg drones. The weapons employed against it cause a chain reaction throughout the unicomplex, resulting in its complete destruction. With the Central Nexus of the Borg Collective destroyed, the shielding for the Transwarp Hubs and manifolds is gone. The EGR sends in hundreds of droid ships that race throughout the network, dropping powerful mines at each hub and new conduit they find. The Borg transwarp network is destroyed, along with all the cubes that were using it.
– The EGR announce to the Federation that the Borg threat has been dealt with, and all that is required now is the mopping up of remaining Borg cubes that are helpless without central control. The Gamma Quadrant is safe.

2385, July
– A fleet of over 2,000 Dominion ships enters via the wormhole and joins up with other 800 Allied ships that are attacking the EGR force that is defending Bajor. The battle is brutal, but the EGR ships are defeated, at the expense of close to 80% of the Allied ships. However, the main EGR fleet appears just as the Allied ships are celebrating, and the 600 ships are easily destroyed by the 800 EGR ships.
– Half the EGR fleet goes through the wormhole to lay waste to the Dominion
– The EGR requests the Federation Council give them permission to bring peace to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants through attacking the Romulans and Breen.
– The Federation agrees.

2385, August
– The EGR attack the Founders homeworld and, after destroying the Jen’Hadar fleet defending the planet, demand the Founders surrender or be destroyed completely.
– The Founders surrender. The EGR destroys their homeworld anyway, using the weakness the Founders displayed as sign of EGR superiority.
– The Jem’Hadar go into a frenzy and vow to destroy the EGR

2385, September
– The EGR announce to the Federation that the last of the Dominion has fallen and the Delta Quadrant is safe.
– The EGR request that the Federation allow them to bring peace to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as well. The Federation agrees.
– With the Dominion gone, the remaining Allied powers capitulate and surrender.
– The EGR moves ships over the non-Federation homeworlds and set up EGR military leadership, dismantling current leadership structures.

2386, January
– The EGR has control of the entire galaxy, with approximately 4,000 ships PER QUADRANT, and EGR leadership on all the resource-rich and once-powerful worlds. Allied with the Federation, which is now effectively a puppet government, the galaxy is theirs.

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