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Starbucks. Again

I was saying to Deidre last weekend, as we were leaving Reading Starbucks, that a relaxing weekend for me just isn't relaxing if there's no visit to the Starbucks in the Reading Cinema complex. I'm here again now, and I feel like my day is almost complete. Aaahh… the lovely chai latte, people walking past, and so on.

So what is it I enjoy about it, I hear you asking. You know, I'm really glad you asked. If it wasn't for you and your questions, I don't know if I'd have all that much to write about.

Oops, sorry about that. I got distracted by a sexy asian babe walking past. Coincidentally, that's one of the reasons why I enjoy coming here. The Reading Cinema complex is Wellington's version of 'Chinatown', as there's so many asians who hang out here. A true 'asian addicts' paradise. For Wellington at least. (Go here for my discussion on being an 'asian addict'.)

The other reasons I love coming here is the chai latte, which is currently my favourite drink.

I was going to see Batman Begins while I was here, but I just missed the afternoon showing. I'll wait until I download it from somewhere later this week.

Deidre is out with some friends today enjoying brunch and a movie, so I'm enjoying the afternoon by myself. I've just been to look at a house in Ngaio, a nearby suburb. I liked it, but I want to arrange another viewing so that Deidre can see it as well. (Us moving is for her and her allergies, so the final decision on where we move will be up to her.) This house has two large double bedrooms AND a study AND another room downstairs! That one could be let out for someone else to live in, thus cutting our own rental costs by around a third. Nice.Oh, yes, I'm feeling much better now, thanks for asking.

'm going to start writing Chapter 2 of My Future, Today. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

UPDATE: I've finished part 2, having written it at Starbucks. I'm home now and as soon as I finish transcribing this journal entry (now!) I'll start transcribing it into the story's website. I'm very excited by this chapter! The story continues.

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