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Staying in NZ for a bit longer

What an enjoyable period of time these past couple of weeks have been! The past has allowed me to move on into the future, and it's been fantastic. I've been going through a process of finding myself, and as a result I feel much stronger, and more confident to get what I want, and to not accept what I don't want. It's been remarkable, as I've never been in this state before.

I was made permanent at my place of work just over a week ago. I'm not a contractor anymore! Woohoo! Job security has become higher. I was very pleased that they agreed to my wage expectation, which was about the same as I was getting as a contractor, and that helped me agree to becoming permanent. I didn't want to earn too much less than what I was already getting. It also affirmed for me the value that I give to the company, because if they didn't think I was worth it, they wouldn't have made me permanent, especially with the wage expectation that I had. I feel as if I've taken it all in my stride, and that's probably because I didn't expect anything less. The celebration will occur later…

This time next week I'll be in Brisbane. I'm really excited about that! It's been 15 years since I was there last… Apparently Dan is taking me to MovieWorld, which should be exciting. I'll also be catching up with Miss X. You remember her… she featured heavily in this journal for a while about a year ago. She's moving from Canberra to Brisbane in 2-3 days from now, so we're going to catch up when I get there, probably over dinner or something.

I've met a lovely lady recently who has helped inspire me to get back into spirituality, more than I have been in the past few years. It's time I started writing articles and working on the actual section of this website that hasn't seen any work yet – The Spirit [no longer active]. I think I can be of value in some way towards others, based on a few things that have happened recently, so I'm going to really get my act together and see where this takes me.

Based on how much I'm enjoying myself here, and with work becoming permanent, it looks like I'm going to be here for another year or two, at least. I know I'll be returning to Canberra eventually, but there's no urgency and no need at this stage. Life is good, life is exciting, and I'll travel this path to see where I end up.

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