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Strangers are friends not yet met

I've been at Starbucks this afternoon, doing some writing, playing around, watching people… A guy sat opposite me on these comfy chairs, who I've seen a few times over the past few weeks when I've come here. We got to talking, turns out he's into IT as well, from Canada, travelling around. We shared some interests in news so I emailed him my Eyes On The World site, and so he emailed me his blog. Funny thing is, he's into growth as well, and is adventuring around for a while, taking a bit of a break from work.

The really cool thing is that he's found a 'backdoor' into one of the wireless providers in NZ, which he rang them about, and they didn't seem particularly interested in it. He shared this backdoor with me, so whenever I can't use Telecom here at Starbucks (which is free for me anyway, as I have a home broadband account with them that allows me free access to their wireless service), I'll be using the backdoor to this other wireless provider and getting something for free.

Friends help each other. Friends talk to each other. Friends share things with each other. It's cool that you can find new friends in the strangest places. Strangers are friends not yet met. Until you start talking to them.

Before I knew it, he'd added me to his blogroll on his own blog, so naturally I did the same.

I love travelling. When I travelled around the north island of NZ last year, staying at backpackers everywhere, I was very pleasantly surprised about how friendly and interesting travellers are. Nearly all of them were foreigners, visiting NZ. I was the only 'local' using the backpackers. It changed my mind about backpackers, as I discovered they were cheaper and often better quality than most hotels, and the people are more accessible and friendlier. I was converted.

Anyway, check out his blog – isystech.net. It's not bad.

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