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The last time I saw Mel was back in December 2001. I'd fallen in love with her, but was unable to get any kind of fulfillment about it. Over the past couple of years since then, we've kept in touch and our friendship has grown. We've gotten closer, just by the fact that we've always kept in touch with each other, telling each other of our lives, sharing photos, etc. Time has dimmed the expectations I originally had, but not the feelings. There's still love there, but without expectation it's simply a very, very close friendship.

She's coming to NZ in March, before she heads out to Canada for at least a year on a working holiday. We've been planning her time here, to travel around the north island of NZ for a couple of weeks, and enjoy each other's company while seeing some of this country.

Over the past few days we've been getting excited about it, and she's thanked me for being a wonderful friend. I've thanked her for not 'running away' when it got difficult with my feelings 2 years ago. She's then come back with a reply, some of which is here:

…Whether or not there are feelings there Al, we both know that our lives are currently heading down different avenues. That may not always be the case and I hope that in the future we can live together for a period of time, whether it's in the same house, or the same city. But as such adaptable people we can wait a period of time between seeing each other…

…I love you Al, and it's that kind of feeling that will exist a lifetime…

I'm not going to push it, because I've been there once and didn't get anywhere, but her comments are ambiguous, and made me feel that anything's possible. Hey, I know anything is, but until something different happens, I'll always only expect a friendship with her.

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