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Terrorism budget cuts because of admin punishments?

The anti-terrorism budgets handed out by the Department of Homeland Security were cut by 40% because the city faxed their application instead of emailing it. So to punish NYC for their administrative error, their budget was cut by 40%. The faxed form was fine, nothing was wrong with it. Apparently, if they had sent it by email, they would have got 100% of their budget. But they were bad children, and so they must be punished by reducing the budget and letting terrorists have an easier time of attacking the city.

And I’m sure that the decision to reduce the budgets given to NYC and Washington DC – which also had its budget cut – weren’t influenced at all by the fact that they’re Democratic strongholds.

And I’m sure that the budget increases to other areas, as a result of the cuts in NYC and DC, had nothing to do with the upcoming elections, even though the areas that received budget increases are held by Republicans in danger of losing their seats. No, that anti-terrorism budget would have nothing to do with political desperation, I’m sure.

Because we all know that the US government is not corrupt, and has only the best interests of the people and the country at heart.

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