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Terrorism in Sydney, Australia

That thing we all hear about overseas has finally made its way to Australia. Terrorism.


Some unknown armed man – or men – took a bunch of people hostage in a cafe in Sydney today. Five of the hostages managed to get away, but there’s probably another 10 still in there.

After keeping up with the news today and having it going on TV tonight, it’s bedtime now. Nothing’s happened yet. I don’t know if something will happen while we sleep, or if this drama will continue throughout tomorrow.

What’s been fascinating for me is watching the news about it. It must be quite challenging for them to try and find different ways of saying the same thing – “We don’t know what’s going on, or who’s responsible, but absolutely nothing has happened” – for an entire day in new and interesting ways to keep people glued to their seats.

It’s ridiculous, but then, nothing new there.

It sure does bring home an interesting thing though – drama can affect any of us, anywhere, at any time.

I remember visiting that same cafe when I was working in Sydney last year. It’s right across from where I was working on Martin Place. I know what it’s like inside, and I can imagine how horrific it must be for the people in there, who are probably scared out of their minds.

I’d be scared too.

I wonder what will happen.

UPDATE: I woke up this morning to discover what happened. Around 2am a few more hostages escaped from the cafe. As a result, the gunman inside shot one of the remaining hostages. A few minutes later the Tactical Response Group stormed the cafe. In the resulting gun battle, another hostage was killed, and so was the terrorist. One of the assault group got shot in the face with a shotgun but was only injured with buckshot. Two other hostages were injured.

In the near future, this is going to change Australia. There’s going to be less tolerance from the ignorant public to the mentally ill (this gunman was apparently known for his mental illness and criminal activities) and to Muslims. Not to mention how our laws are going to change as a result of this. I just hope it won’t be too draconian.

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