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That crazy US President

1) George Bush claims that material which is currently classified, was declassified in order for him to leak it, and then classified again.

Ummm… isn’t that really just bullshit? Isn’t that simply leaking classified information? Isn’t that a crime called treason? Isn’t that a punishable offence? Is anyone planning on punishing George Bush? Or are we just going to see Americans roll over again and say, “Oh ok. If Bush says it’s true, it must be true. If he says it’s ok, it must be ok. No problem.”

2) The Bush Administration is talking about using nuclear weapons on Iran. To make sure they don’t use nuclear weapons themselves. Because using nuclear weapons is bad. So Iran needs to be nuked by the good nuclear weapons before they build and use the bad nuclear weapons. Sure, makes sense to me. Not.

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