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The cat comes walking

Deidre and I went for a walk / jog tonight, which is almost common for us. We've been going for walks now for a while, and only the other night we upgraded it to do a bit of jogging as well. Both of us are relatively unfit, so it'll be good for us.

Tonight, I suggested that we jog uphill and walk downhill, to help ease us into it. We started jogging and got to the top of the street we're on and slowed to a walk. It was then we discovered we had some company.

Eve, my cat, decided she wanted to come with us! There she was, 'jogging' after us up the hill! It was pretty funny, but we didn't expect her to continue for too long, so we kept on going, walking along the road. She kept up with us!

We walked for about 10 minutes, with her tagging along, before we decided that we should turn around and go back, because we were in territory she'd never been in before. We got about halfway back, with me carrying her 'cause she was tired, before I set her down. She stayed where she was while we carried on, and so we decided to go down another road, thinking she was staying where she was.

Nope… her plaintive cries of 'Where are you?! I don't want to be alone! Come back…!' echoed through the air, so we went back, picked her up, and carried her back home.

Poor little fella, she's all tuckered out now, resting on her couch again.

She's adorable. 😀

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