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The criminalisation of politics

There's an excellent post here at Daily Kos, about the Republicans defending the President and his advisors, all of whom are implicated in treasonous acts against the country. An excellent quote here:

There's something beyond mere politics in all of this. Politics, one would hope, is not sufficient reason to damage the country. This is different. This is the cult of power, and of corruption, that is not just defended, but celebrated by pundits, by journalists, and by politicians alike.

The Republican pundit machine wails, and wags their fingers, and is shocked by the investigations, and depositions, and prosecutions, and calls it the "criminalization of politics".

Most of the rest of us call it crime, disguised as politics.

Crime, disguised as politics, and defended by crooks, cowards, and blowhards.

Another excellent quote here:

I'd say when the most important Republican figures in the White House, the Senate, the House, and the Republican lobbying machine are all under investigation for separate alleged criminal actions, something is wrong.

Impeachment processes are under way, and all the leading figures of the Republican party are in the targeting sights. When the entire party seems to be corrupt, there's a real problem. And whats' worse are the apologists and commentators trying to brush it over, suggesting, as Dail Kos puts it, that chasing down members of the Republican party for their crimes is simply criminalisation of politics, when if was anyone else implicated like this, the Republicans – and their pathetic supporters – would certainly be calling for public executions in line with treason during times of war.

American politics and its leadership is pathetic, appalling and sickening.

And yet I'll keep commenting on it because I find some strange fascinating with watching all that I was afraid of actually becoming a reality.

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