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The ethics of asking strangers to fund your travels

The ethics of asking strangers to pay’, and it made me really angry to read about people thinking it’s unethical to accept donations.

Personally, I think it’s unethical to be offended about people’s generosity and gifts. It’s entirely up to them what they want to do with their money, and if they think your cause is worthwhile, that’s their choice.

Let me go through some quotes from the article and talk about why it makes me angry.

But if you want to quit your job and follow your dreams to travel the world, is it OK to ask others to pay?

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s up to those others if they want to help fund your journey.

Detox 440, said: “I have a hard enough time paying for my own life and interests… it’s pretty crappy of you to ask others to subsidize your poor decisions.”

Oh really. So other people should have to suffer just because you did? How fucking selfish of you.

Bryan Scott, who is blogging his journey through Central America, said that his choices were “not someone else’s responsibility to fund”.

Donations from interested and generous people to fund your travels doesn’t make it their responsibility, for chrissakes!

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you can afford your experiences, but if donations from people helps you afford it, what’s the problem? To so many people, it seems there’s a huge problem with it.

Overlanders Zach Channing and Jill DiMedio removed their website’s donate button after it was only up for just a few days and returned the money they’d received after some family members disparaged the idea. “Knowing we’d lived simply and worked multiple jobs to save up enough money, they felt it was out of character and offensive,” DiMedio said.

Words fail me. But I’ll have a go… These people returned gifts of money from people who generously wanted to help fund their travels, because some of their family members were offended at the idea.

You know, the worst thing about this is those people who give up their dreams to please other people that are offended about how they want to follow their dreams.

One of the biggest things I find offensive is people living their lives based on the selfish demands of others. So these travellers are choosing to do what others tell them to do – based on jealousy and selfishness – instead of choosing to do what they want to do.

Good way to destroy your own dreams, by listening to people that encourage you to not do them.

It makes me angry to hear stories about how people feel justified in crushing the dreams of others, just because they weren’t able to do the same things themselves. And it makes me even angrier when I hear about people that change their life’s decisions to suit the selfish demands of other people.

“Oh, I’m sorry that the way I live my life offends you. Here, let me change everything I do so I can’t achieve my dreams – but at least you’re happy,right?”

It goes against everything I hold dear.

Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. 🙂

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