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The glare

I was walking along the street one evening a couple of weeks ago. There were some teenage boys in front of me, blocking the sidewalk. People were walking on the road in order to walk around them. I'm not one to do this, so I was going to walk through them. When people are ignorant in groups, I do something which 'politely' points out their ignorance to them. Usually by just walking in the middle of them. I notice it works, as they usually then move out of the way of everyone else.

Anyway, before I could walk in the middle of this group of teenage boys, they split up, with some of them moving closer to the wall of the building, while the remainder began walking away from me. However, they were doing it slowly, so I relatively quickly came up behind them. Just as I was about 2 feet behind one of them, he turned to his side and spat on the sidewalk. It just missed my foot.

I 'glared' at the back of his head, with the full force of my annoyance at ignorant and disgusting kids who go around spitting on the sidewalk. Just then, by accident, my foot clipped the back of his heel, and he turned his head in annoyance at who had clipped his heel.

He accidentally caught the full force my 'glare', which included years of built-up aggression.

When I was 6 years old, kids spat on me once at school. When I was 13, kids spat on the inside of the school's toilet door and pushed me into the toilet (I happened to be walking past at the time), closing the door behind me. I'd only found this out when I went to open the door. I washed my hands and waited for them to open it.

And this kid spat on the sidewalk in front of me, almost hitting my foot.

As he looked at me, his face frowning, he saw my 'glare'. I think I scared him. He probably thought I was about to beat the shit out of him. His frown disappeared and he quickly turned away, going into a shop we were walking past. I continued walking, my 'glare' disappearing as I laughed to myself.

I wonder if I've scarred him for life? I wonder if he'll never spit again, because he'll think of the crazed guy kicking his feet with the intense look in his eyes.


I think I've done a good deed for the world.

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