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The journey is getting better

I’ve been out and about today, enjoying some of the sights of the Melbourne CBD. You can see the photos here – Alan’s Eyes Photography. Make sure you LIKE that page to keep up to date with my photos in the future. I love taking and sharing photos of my journey. Often daily!

centre-placeI took this photo at Centre Place, Melbourne

I was out meeting someone this morning who might be a new client for my web design, and who might also be able to get me some new work as a business analyst in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

After the meeting, Fanfan and I went for a walk around the CBD, seeing some of the sights, enjoying a coffee, and taking photos before going back home again.

All the services have been connected, including the internet (thank the Gods!), and the furniture was delivered yesterday morning. It was great to sleep on our actual bed last night instead of the camping beds we’ve been using the previous 3 nights. Ow, my poor back!

I’ve got two website proposals to do and send out tomorrow. And with the internet connected at home, I’ll start doing some real web design work again. Woohoo!

I feel like things are getting back to some semblance of normality, even if it’s in a new city now. It’s starting to feel like home already.

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