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The Libertarianz

Go here: http://www.libertarianz.org.nz

You’ll find the website for the Libertarianz, the ‘NZ Party of Principles’. I believe in their message, and I support them wholeheartedly. If you like their message, maybe you could support them too.

I first noticed them when they released an animated political message into cinemas a few months ago, as a teaser before the movies. I was very impressed with it, and was immediately intrigued to find out more about them, which I did. The written content of the animated message is quoted below, but you can see the video here. I’ve also linked to their website on the right there.

An Introduction to Liberty 

To take life is murder
To take liberty is slavery
And to take property is theft

It is the same whether these are done
By one person acting alone,
By the many acting against the few,
Or even by officials with fine hats.

Regardless of the imaginative labels for their behaviour
Or the numbers of people encouraging them,
Officials have no right to murder, to enslave, or to steal

Problems in the world that arise from the initiation of force by government have a solution. The solution is for the people of the earth to STOP asking government officials to initiate force on their behalf.


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