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The most annoying man on the planet

He’s been described as ‘the most annoying man on the planet’. I don’t think I’d give him that honour, but I’ve seen how annoying he can be.  His name is Ev Bogue, and for me he’s been annoying, intriguing and life-changing all at the same time.

I used to be a buyer of his books, and a supporter of his travels. The stuff he wrote appealed to me, and I was happy to support his work.

But then something seemed to change about him after he wrote Untether to Evolve, an eBook about disconnecting from those things that no longer serve you.

For me, the concept of untethering from things that no longer served me was a great idea, and I started to take it on board in my life.

However, Ev also started to untether from the people and expectations that were somehow attached to him and his work. I guess it was because they weren’t serving him, and he didn’t want to spend his time serving them.

He decided to block people that questioned him. I imagine that his reasoning was that if you were asking him questions, then you were asking him to serve you in some way. You became someone that he needed to untether from.

This caused a lot of people a lot of frustration, because they didn’t understand. And to be honest with you, I didn’t understand for a long time either.

It was only as I was writing this post that my mind switched from being indignant about the time he blocked me, to realising that I was asking him to serve me too, without actually being of service to him. So of course, in the context of what he’s teaching people, and what’s important to him, he would need to untether from my attachment to him.

Maybe he is the most annoying man on the planet, because he asks people to step up and do what is important to them. Most people are too afraid. I often ask people to do the same thing, and so I admire Ev for what he does. I feel I can learn a lot from him.

There’s something about his work that appeals to me. Even though he blocked me, I’ve still been monitoring what he writes. I know, I know – I’m ‘tethered’ to his work, but what he writes serves me, so I’ll continue to monitor it.

It was because of him that I started ‘untethering’ from things in my own life, and sought a more minimalist lifestyle that included travel. It was also because of him that I began exploring Meshnet, CJDNS and Hyperboria, and why I’m writing this post on Linux (instead of Windows) so that I can enjoy Hyperboria at the same time.

Ev Bogue has the ability to change people’s lives, if they want to change it, and that keeps me interested in what he’s doing. Because of Ev, my life is different now. And I’m thankful for that.

Note: This blog post was going to be all about my indignation at being blocked, but in the process of writing it, and thinking about it, and reviewing Untether to Evolve, I realised I had the wrong attitude. Like most people, I was caught up in my own ego, indignant that someone would block me. Me! And all those others who are indignant about the same or other slights from him, are also caught up in their own egos. Where they see him being egotistical and arrogant, they’re instead seeing reflections of their own ego and arrogance.

I’m thankful I learnt something new about myself tonight. Thanks Ev.

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