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The Power of the Light

Over at the The White Wall, Terrence just posted about the spiritual battles he had with the invisible tormentors of his young son. I think it’s great to see someone open and honest on the internet about the battles they have with those negative entities that are around us on a daily basis. I think it’s also great that Terrence is in touch with his spiritual senses and is able to sense the presence of both negative and positive entities.

I wrote about my own perception of spiritual reality, and my own experiences with angels and demons. You might want to have a read of them if you’re interested.

One of the things that Terrence did, which is what is needed, is using white light protection (or variations of it). I wrote about it in this article, ‘Spirituality: how to protect yourself‘.

I wrote:

This white light is your protection from any negative and harmful influences around you. The light keeps the darkness away, and so anything ‘dark’ is unable to affect you.

Terrence wrote:

I focused my mind on the light…

I ensured I kept my defences up and worked with my son and the spirits of light to clear his room.

Good stuff!

One of the things about working with the light, maintaining protection for yourself and others, is that if you consciously do it all the time, every single day, multiple times a day, you will ALWAYS be ‘walking in the light’. You’ll have God’s protection wherever you go and whatever you do. (Within reason, of course. Don’t abuse or misuse it and think you’ll be protected from your own stupidity.)

Dealing with negative entities becomes a walk in the park. As an example, some years ago I was at the cinema watching a movie and then had to go to the toilet to take a leak. A funny thing happened while I was in there standing at the urinal. I could feel the presence of something ‘bad’ drift into the area. What a time to be bothered! And that’s just it. I couldn’t be bothered. So instead of dealing with it myself, I knew that I was protected by the white light I always have around myself, and in my head I just sent out a quick request to my spirit guides to deal with it instead. Instantly, the being disappeared from my awareness, probably whisked away to where my guides could help it ‘see the light’.

When you surround yourself with light all the time, you empower yourself and you protect yourself. When you have this unshaken belief in your own power and strength, nothing can stand in your way. Not even confused ghosts.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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