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The quandaries of online work

I’m really just starting out as an online writer (or ‘web content developer’ as I’m enjoying calling myself now), but I’m already seeing some of the interesting challenges with promoting my services through a variety of different locations.

I received some work via fiverr.com today, which is the site that inspired me to provide ‘direct to client’ services instead of having them keep 20% of my income. But I haven’t closed my account with them or anything, so when I got this extra work I was faced with a quandary.

Do I want to continue doing work through a site that I don’t like, for my own reasons, or is 80% of something better than 100% of nothing?

After debating it with myself, I came to an agreement with myself that it certainly would be better to get 80% of something rather than 100% of nothing.

So it’s great that I’m still getting work through fiverr.com. It’s also great that I’m offering services direct to clients. Doing it directly to the client is better for me, but it’s nice having the extra sources adding to the total.

It helped me come to an understanding with myself, to get past certain morals that can get in the way, and even expand upon those different sources, signing up with different sites to get writing work through as many as I can.

The more the merrier!

I need to get as much work as I can, from as many different locations as I can, to maximise my potential income from this venture I’m engaging in.

I also realised tonight that being out of work and finding it difficult to get a ‘day job’ at the moment is forcing me to chase my dreams.

When I wrote my predictions for my life in 2014, #1 was:

I’ll be earning a minimum of $500 a week from paid online writing.

My plan is moving forward.

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