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The story of my life

Some of you may have already read it, while the rest of you didn't even know I'd done it.  The story of my life.  You can read it here:


I wrote it in 1996, and added to it in 1998.  I used to share it with only those that I felt would appreciate reading it; people who came into my life who were interested in me and wanted to know about me.  I wrote it for them, so that I didn't need to tell the same story over and over.

I also had visions of writing a book about my life, and this was its beginning.  The story of my life continued with my online journal, which is now in its 7th year.  I think an amazing feat for online journals.

My life has been about overcoming emotional challenges, and growing from my experiences in such a way that I can use what I learn to help others grow as well.

I read a book two nights ago, while at work helping with a telephone upgrade, called "Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior".  It's the sequel to "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman.  It was a very good book, very inspirational.  It inspired me to become more focused on journeying into my self, drawing out untapped potential, finding my destiny and helping others find their own destiny.

I am the student, and the teacher.  I am the bringer of Light, and the guide for others.  

I'm going to start doing yoga.  I'm going to meditate more.  I'm going to learn more about Taoism.  I'm going to centre myself more, and I'm going to teach more.  This is my future.

My life, as it used to be, ends here.  It ends like this for every person – here and now.  What you have left is your future.  What you do with it is up to you.  A life yet to be lived.  A destiny yet to be achieved.  A future entirely up to you.

Be responsible to yourself and make it what you want.  Stop drifting and start directing yourself through the water of life.  Choose your path.  Choose your life.

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