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The truth is out there

The other day I wrote a summary of the events behind the recent crisis between Russia and the US, centred in Ukraine (I want you to have a better perspective about Ukraine). I’ve had some good feedback from various people about it, which has been pleasing. But I know that sharing the truth about what’s going on isn’t going to change anything.

“The world will be what it wants to be.” – The Dao

I know that knowing the truth and sharing it changes nothing, but I’ll continue to do it every now and again.

People in the western world are going to support the US because they’re too lazy, ignorant and afraid to do any thinking for themselves. They’re more interested in allowing themselves to be led by manipulative media and governments because it’s easy. They don’t have to think, and they don’t have to do anything.

The internet is a resource for providing us with all the history and the knowledge of mankind. Everything that we’ve achieved is at our fingertips. With all that knowledge available to us, we could do more to change our lives, and change the world.

But we share photos of cats instead.

All the knowledge of mankind is meaningless if no one does anything with it. And sharing the truth about something is also meaningless if no one cares.

It’s why I stopped sharing the truth about politics and current affairs about 14 years ago.

Back in the mid-90’s I started a website devoted to publishing stories that the mainstream media didn’t want to touch. My ‘about’ page had this:

Not everything that you read about in newspapers, or see on TV, is actually true, and much of it is more disinformation than information. The people who control your lives… er… I mean, who inform you of what’s happening in your life – well, the less you know, the happier they would feel. I’ve decided to make it my personal mission in life to peacefully enlighten as many people as I can. This means YOU.

But after doing it for about 5 years, I ended up giving it up and leaving it behind. I realised that no one cared. No one wanted to know the truth. They just wanted to have the illusion maintained where they wouldn’t actually have to think about anything meaningful.

And it’s just been getting worse ever since.

I’ve always kept my eye on current affairs and global events over the years. I’ve always seen what’s going on – something I termed the ‘dance of politics’ some years ago – but I always kept it to myself, because most people have absolutely no interest in truly knowing the truth of the reality they’re part of.


The truth is out there – if only people were interested enough to see it. If only they cared more.

But they aren’t interested, and they don’t care. And it saddens me. And occasionally I’ll be frustrated enough by what I see that I’ll write about the truth as I see it.

But my voice echoes down the empty valley. Everyone’s off watching TV. Cooking shows are popular lately. Mindless, meaningless entertainment.

They can have their cooking shows. I’ll stick with seeking knowledge and knowing the truth. My life feels more meaningful that way.

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  • Hello Alan,

    Seeking the truth and sharing it with others has always been for the inquisitive, strong hearted and selfless ones.

    You need to be strong hearted because history has shown that the truth is mostly met with some sort of opposition. The degree of opposition is usually proportional to the amount of control that sits in the balance.

    It is usually the inquisitive ones that seek the truth, the ones that ask themselves the hard questions regardless of how difficult it may be to face the possible answers. It takes being selfless because rejection and ridicule usually accompany the dissemination of the truth. This communication gives us a feeling of fulfillment.

    Something tells me that if you don't continue your search for the truth, you will continue to have that burning desire, been there, done that.

    Keep up the search

    • Thank you Miles. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. 🙂

      I take you've been a truthseeker too? I'd love to hear more of your story if you'd like to share it in an email with me.

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