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The type of woman that likes a beta male

I had to laugh. I checked my stats this morning and found someone had arrived at this blog via this search term:

“type of woman that like beta male”

It tells me so much about the person doing the searching. He’s realised he’s a beta male, and he’s trying to work out what kind of woman actually likes ‘his type’, probably so he can go look for her.

I’ll make it simple. She’s a woman who is doing the kinds of things that alpha men aren’t. So think about it. Whatever alpha men are doing, that allows them to pick up all those hot chicks – she’s not there.

If you want to find her, you need to get out and do more of the things that interest YOU.

You’re a beta male. If you want to know the type of woman who’s attracted to a guy like you, just look at the kinds of things you’re interested in, that you enjoy, that you’re passionate about. Those are the kinds of things that the woman who likes a beta male will enjoy too.

But make sure you get outside of your house to go do those things, so that you end up doing them with other people who share the same interests.

You WILL find the woman that likes a beta male, because she’ll like YOU. You’ll be doing the same things together, and having a great time.

Just don’t be afraid to say hi to a woman. That’s the single most important thing you can do to change your life. It’s amazing what kinds of things can happen just from saying ‘hi’ and smiling.

You’re welcome.

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