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The weather turned

My last post talked about the warm weather, and the plans I had to go to the coast and enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the long weekend (Labour Day here) turned out to be a long, wet weekend.  We didn't leave the city.

But we had some friends over for the BBQ, as planned, and that was a good time.  The first BBQ of the season.  Also went out to brunch on Sunday, instead of going to the coast. Enjoyed sitting at Cafe Essen, sheltering from the occasional rain, and enjoying the atmosphere.

I'm not taking as many photos as I used to. I'm wondering why that is. I think it's because sometimes I feel like I'm taking the same photos as I've taken before.  

I need to travel more, I guess. Go places I've never been, and take photos I've never taken.  It's what I was hoping to do at the coast, find some interesting scenes and take interesting shots.  But another time.

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