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Continuing on with the theme of travel, I’m traveling to Sydney tomorrow to catch up with my friend Peter. I’m supposed to be meeting a friend of his who is apparently very insightful on a spiritual level, and I’m going to be a guinea pig for her.

She’s starting a business doing readings for people, and I’m one of the first to be available for her to test her abilities with. I’m looking forward to it, as I might learn something that I’ve always known but never knew.


That, of course, is in the theme of getting back into spiritual adventures, as new people come into my life and, in their own ways, help me back onto the path that I’ve been neglecting for a long time…

Along with the themes of travel and spirituality and new things starting this week, is the theme of writing in my blog more. I’m going to try and do a new blog post every night, as I lay in bed about to drift off to sleep. Each post will explore latest events, new insights, and future plans.

Hopefully you’ll find it almost as interesting as I do.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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