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This guy walks into a job interview…


Imagine this scenario: a man walks into a job interview and during the interview he advises that within the next few months he’s going to need time off for 6 weeks or more due to a medical condition, followed by part time engagement so that he can manage further medical checkups and ongoing issues, and will probably end up quitting within 12 months anyway because work might get in the way of his medical issues which would naturally take priority. At the same time, he expects to be paid even though he won’t be working.

Is it reasonable for the employer to decide not to hire him?

Your answer is probably yes. What person in their right mind would expect to be employed after telling the potential employer that they’ll take lots of time off in their first 6 months while still expecting to be paid for it? The nerve of that guy!

So why do these rules change for pregnant women?

In an equal society, women and men should be treated the same way. If it’s acceptable for a man to not be hired because he expects to be paid while taking time off – and with no assurance of continuing to work for the employer – then it’s also acceptable that a pregnant woman be treated the same way.

What are your thoughts on this?

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