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Timelines of events

From now on, instead of making up timelines based on the incomplete timelines of other websites, I'm going to do my own. Every time something major occurs, I'm going to keep my own notes of events around that disaster and use it as necessary.

One of the things I noticed about so many different timelines on the internet were that they were amazingly incomplete (not really surprising, as most of them are done by people who don't access themselves to a lot of different news sources), or were biased in favour of some kind of preference. I found timelines that reported only the bad things that the survivors did, or that reported only the good government actions, or that reported only the bad government actions, or that reported only scattered fragments. I had to trawl through at least 10 timelines out there on the internet to form my own timeline.

So now I'm going to create one of my own in future, rather than rely on others. I get my news and information from many different news sources and blogs, and the blogs link to even more news sites or other blogs that link to news sites…. and so on.

A friend told me, many years ago, that if you read only one source of information all you get is what they want you to know. But if you read many sources, you get a better picture of what's really happening out there. Understanding different perspectives and different points of view can help provide a more accurate picture of what's going on.

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