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Title tags and optimising for search engines

Title tags are those words that you can see at the top of your web browser. They tell search engines what the page is all about.

Search engines love titles. In fact, they love them so much, that they’ll reward you for having a descriptive title by taking more notice of it. The result of this little reward is that you’ll end up near the top of the search list when people are searching for words or phrases that are included in your title, and you’ll get more people visiting your site.

The way it works is that the title helps the search engine decide the topic and the theme of your post. When a search is done for similar topics or themes, your post is more likely to be featured.

Unfortunately, title tags are often neglected, or worse, simply used to highlight the business name. By ignoring the power of the title tag, you’re ignoring an easy way of getting more people coming to your site. And you do want more people, don’t you?

It’s important to remember that every page on your site is unique, and needs its own unique title to help search engines understand what that page is about. On blogs, the title page is determined by the title of each of your posts. On websites, you have to specify it in the title tag.

It’s up to the owner of the site to make sure their title tag is used properly. If you don’t, then you’re simply losing potential visitors, and potential customers. Take advantage of title tags, and reap the rewards.

Change the title tag

To change your title tag on a website, have a look in the HTML coding. You’ll see something like this:

Page Title

Please note that yours won’t have the spaces that I have in my example, as Blogger won’t show the coding unless I have spaces.

Change your titles according to the content on the pages, making them as descriptive as possible.

For blogs, just make sure the titles of your posts use the theme of the post, or include keywords.

Be kind to your titles, and they’ll be kind to you. And so will the search engines.

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