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To be achievable it must be believable

When you use the Law of Attraction to bring things into your life that you want, you need to make sure that what you’re trying to attract is achievable for you, and to be achievable it must be believable.

There’s no point paying ‘lip service’ to the idea of doing something great if you don’t personally believe that you are able to achieve it. Just saying it won’t make it real.

What’s in your heart is what becomes real.

I have a friend who told me over MSN today that in the next 5 months they will organise a Christmas Concert in Brisbane, which will have the likes of U2, Silverchair, and a number of other big-name bands and singers. I wished them well, but I also advised them that they’ll only achieve it if they believe they can, that just saying you’ll do something doesn’t make it true if the belief isn’t in your heart.

They signed off. I imagined I annoyed them, destabilising their vision of what they wanted to do. But really, what’s the point of saying you’ll do something if you don’t truly believe you can do it?

Too many people feel that the Law of Attraction will give them what they want – if only they ask for it. But deep down, they know that’s all they’re doing – asking for it. They hope that’s enough, and that asking for it will make it happen. But there’s a lot going on inside of each person that relates to their beliefs, and that’s where the Law of Attraction is really being determined.

People say they’ll do something because they want to be seen as if they’re actually doing something. They want other people to think they’re creating their reality, that they’re jumping on the Law of Attraction bandwagon, that they’re seen to be changing their lives…

But they wonder why nothing changes, why they continue to experience the same thing, and they don’t get what they’re asking for. The answer is really simple.

Deep down inside these people, and maybe even in you, is the belief that they’re lying to themselves. They believe that they’re just not capable of achieving what they say they want, but they say it because they want others to think they are. Their core belief is that they’re not able to achieve what they’re asking for.

And so that’s what the universe ensures is real for them.

To change this core belief, you have to start out by asking for things that you believe you ARE capable of. Things that you’ve never had before, but you know you could have if you were ‘lucky enough’, or you ‘tried hard enough’. Things that you know are just within your grasp.

Ask for them.
Believe that they’re yours.
Receive them.

This is the secret to achieving what you believe.

As you gain success in using the Law of Attraction to improve and change your life, your beliefs will start to expand. You’ll begin to see that you actually ARE capable of achieving what you believe.

The more you achieve, the more you’ll believe, and the more you’ll ask for, and the more you’ll receive.

I know my friend doesn’t believe she can organise a U2 concert in 5 months, when she’s never organised a concert in her entire life. I know it’s not impossible to do, but it’s impossible for her to do it in 5 months. She needs to start out by organising small concerts, like in a local pub – they’re achievable! And then work her way up from there. As she gains experience and knowledge, she’ll also start to gain contacts, and eventually she will meet the people she needs to meet to arrange a U2 concert. By Christmas 2008 or 2009, she might be able to do what she wants.

Unfortunately for her – and for many others like her – failing to achieve what she asks for will only confirm for her that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, and she will discontinue her attempt as a failure, not realising that she could have achieved it if she gave herself more time and a different approach.

To be achievable it must be believable. Start with what you believe is possible, and expand those possibilities as you achieve them.

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