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Travelling to London

The exciting news of the moment is that tomorrow I’m getting onto a plane and flying to Auckland. Then I’m flying to Sydney. Then I’m flying to Thailand. Then I’m flying to London! Woohoo!

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this little event in my life. This year has been pretty amazing… Everything was pretty static in my life, and then along comes Michelle and my world changes. Suddenly, I’m travelling!! This year, I’ve left Australia and moved to New Zealand. I’ve flown in airplanes; to Auckland and back, and to Australia and back. Now I’m flying to London in England, for God’s sake!

Michelle is going to be taking me around London to see the sights. I’ll be taking heaps of photos! You might even see some of them in here pretty soon. I’m going to Cumbria (I think that’s how it’s spelt) where her mum is, and about 8 miles north is Scotland, so I’ll be seeing Scotland too!

I’m going to be returning from England on the 5th January (if I remember correctly…), and will be getting into Sydney on the 7th January. I’ll be staying overnight with my friend Peter. On the 8th, I’m flying to Canberra and spending a week there, staying with Scot. I’m so excited about catching up with all my friends there again! On the 13th, I’m flying back to Sydney, where I’ll catch up with Tricia, staying overnight with Peter again, and then back to Wellington on the 14th of January. Back to work on the 15th. I’m going to have an absolute ball over the next three weeks…. it’ll be the longest and best holiday of my entire life, I’m sure of it!

I’ll write some more when I get back… see you then.

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