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Update on the FJ Cruiser

So I took the Toyota FJ Cruiser out for a test drive last weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The drive was excellent. The seats were very comfortable with my back, and my passengers thought the rear seats were comfortable too – they weren’t expecting them to be as comfortable as they were. I also asked about leg room, and they felt that there was enough room to be comfortable for maybe a couple of hours of being in the back. I was happy about that, since I’d be stopping every couple of hours on long-distance journeys.

The suspension was excellent. Unlike the Toyota Prado, it didn’t ‘wallow’ when going around corners or when accelerating or braking. Body roll was minimal, considering it was a large vehicle. I also went off the road at one point and onto the dirt beside it, just to test the suspension on some rough ground. There were some ruts in the dirt, and doing about 50kmh over them didn’t result in any great jarring – the suspension covered it up quite nicely.

So after a 20-minute drive, I was disappointed that I had to stop and hand the keys back… I decided that this would be the one I’ll end up getting. So I entered into financial negotiations to get some ideas on pricing. Reasonable. But there’s only one problem….

If I was to order now, delivery won’t be until October. That’s 5 months away, and because I’d be trading in my car, it means I would be without a car for 5 months!

That’s not acceptable, so I’m going to wait until delivery times are less than a month, and then I’ll make the deal. So I’ll just keep an eye on the FJ Cruiser forums and see what people are being told about delivery times. when it’s less than a month, I’m in!

If there’s any way of getting it sooner, however, then I’ll be grabbing it faster than a beggar fighting with a pigeon over bread.

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