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Updating this blog

I’ve changed the ‘recently updated posts’ to ‘recent posts’, so that it shows only the latest 10, rather than the ones I’ve recently updated.  This prevents anyone from being confused as I edit all my old posts.

So, I’ve started editing the old posts, modifying some of their formatting, and tagging them instead of categorising them. 

I’ve added a Tag cloud underneath the Categories on the left there, and as posts are updated with tags, they’ll be included in the tag cloud.  When I’ve finished, I’ll remove the Categories and just leave the Tags.

It’s been interesting as I’ve been going through the posts, remembering back to all those times that I talk about.  Another journey down memory lane.  What’s stuck me the most is that my relationships have been the major focus in my writings. 

This is probably to be expected, but it’s interesting to see how my descriptions of the relationships have changed as I experience them, and the growth that I’ve made as a result of them.

My online writing started in 1998, and back then I hadn’t had a girlfriend for 4 years.  It wasn’t until mid-1999 that I ‘broke the drought’, and it was a very magical time.  Or at least you’d think so by reading my descriptions of the relationship…  I think it was magical because the drought had been broken!

Ever since then, each relationship had me talk about it less and less than the previous…  It wasn’t as magical any more, and there were many other elements to comment on.

I think that, through the years, there’s been an element of cynicism becoming apparent, with the common theme based on one fascinating premise: today’s excitement might be tomorrow’s loss.  It’s better to remain reserved than to embarrass oneself with expressing expectations that end up shattered.

An interesting journey…

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