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US about to attack Iran?

You know, on one hand we have America saying they must keep open their options to attack Iran, and that Iran rejected the United Nations nuclear agency urging it to halt the conversion of uranium into gas. On the other hand we have the United Nations "nuclear watchdog is preparing to publish evidence that Iran is not engaged in a nuclear weapons programme, undermining a warning of possible military action from President George Bush."

And over here we have "tests by the UN nuclear watchdog appear to confirm that traces of weapons-grade uranium found in Iran came from abroad, reinforcing Tehran's assertion it does not seek atomic weapons, a diplomat said."

Over here and over here we have information that details how America is planning on attacking Iran if terrorists attack America, regardless of who is responsible for the attack.

Sounds like a setup to me.

I suspect that we're going to see a new major attack on American soil, probably with nuclear weapons. Coincidentally, the only two major terrorist attacks to have occurred in the US and Britain, occurred at the exact same time and location as anti-terrorism drills. Considering that another anti-terrorism drill is occurring on the 17th August in America, I'm wondering if that's going to be where the next 'terrorist target' will be, and I'm wondering if it will be the pretext that the Bush administration is looking for (read: setting up) that will allow them to attack Iran.

We shall see.

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