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US politics and their foreign policy

US politics and their foreign policy is one of my vary favourite subjects. I find it very concerning that Bush has brought in new laws to give greater power to the military, as per the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which overrides the rule of law and replaces it with the rule of the military. Under certain circumstances, to be sure, but he’s set in place something that can allow a military takeover should those circumstances come into play (which includes civil unrest, terrorist actions, and even storms like what affected New Orleans). Of course, he’s at the top of the ladder should such a situation arise….

Congress has given up their power to maintain balance within the political system, and have handed it over to Bush. ‘Executive privilege’ used to be a rarely used and unwritten privilege which has apparently become a ‘rule of law’, at least in accordance with the White House’s expectations, which hasn’t been challenged yet. Refer back to my comment that Congress has given up their power to maintain balance…

What’s also concerning is how we’re hearing more from various political representatives in the US (both Republicans and Democrats) that there is going to be another terrorist action before the next election. It’s guaranteed.

Why is it guaranteed? What do they know that they’re not telling? How do they know their security is going to fail them? Is it a coincidence that the lower Bush’s ratings fall, the greater is the terrorist risk? Why do terrorist actions (or ‘attempted terrorist actions’) seem to support Bush and his popularity, given their timing in relation to his falling popularity and other crises he might be experiencing at the time?

So many questions with so few answers, and yet it’s the conclusions that one can come to from such questions that cause me concern.

What are your thoughts?

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