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What if… the Holocaust didn’t happen?

At least, what if it didn't happen as 'they' say it did?

When investigation of the Holocaust is banned, or done under official monitoring, and when any evidence that fails to support the official story is destroyed, and when anyone that says 'more research needs to be done' is put into jail for many years, you really have to wonder what 'they' are trying to hide by preventing such investigation and research.

If the Holocaust is as true as 'they' say it is, then any research into it should be allowed, to show the truth, to prove the truth, and to convince the world, regardless of the claims of the Holocaust deniers, that the truth will always be the truth – over 6 million Jews died due to German atrocities.

However, when any such research is banned, and when the findings of such banned research contradict official claims, resulting in the destruction of such findings and the imprisonment of the person or people publishing those findings, you have to ask yourself something.

What are they trying to hide?

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