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What if the media says Biden won the election?

A thought came to me yesterday, which was based on all of the fake news that’s been coming out of the media over the past few years (I know, it’s been longer, but I’m only referring to the anti-Trump fake news).

The leftist media have been setting up their followers to believe whatever they’re told, including statements that Trump will cheat, as well as refuse to leave the White House if he loses the election.

So what if Trump wins the election, and by a large margin, and the media decide to report that Biden won? And that their fears came true and Trump isn’t leaving the White House?

Of course he wouldn’t be leaving the White House if he won the election, but right now the media is in a great position for their fake news to be stepped up a few levels. It would be easy for them to write about the following stories and crazy leaps of leftist logic:

  • everyone ‘knows’ Trump would not win the election, so if the election results say he did, then it’s ‘proof’ of fraud
  • since it’s ‘obvious’ that Trump cheated, then ‘logically’ Biden has actually won
  • Trump is pretending he won, and is refusing to leave the White House
  • everyone’s fears that he would become a terrible dictator have come true
  • Biden tries to enter the White House as the new President (accompanied by the media) but is refused entry
  • dear God, the legitimate President is denied entry to the White House – the people must rise up and take back control!

I can see it happening. Can you?

In other news, in the past few days the Australian government has released a travel warning for Australians to NOT travel to the US because of a high risk of dangerous civil unrest. They usually only issue those warnings to Middle East and African countries. I don’t think it’s ever happened before that Australians are warned to not travel to America.

It’s only two days now before the election as I’m writing this. I’m going to be watching the outcome and the social meltdowns with great interest.

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