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‘What would you like to do?’

Over here I was talking about ‘what do you do?‘, and now I’ll talk about ‘what would you like to do?’

How often are you asked that? Maye only if you express that you’re unhappy with what you’re doing, and so they ask what you’d like to do instead. But how often are you asked that because someone is genuinely interested in what you’d LIKE to do?

How would you answer? What would you like to do?

Me, I have this vision in my head of where I want to be in one year’s time. I see myself spending most of my time at home, working on my online business ventures which, together, are creating more than the income I’m currently getting. I’ll be setting up the spiritual light centre in Canberra, and the online businesses will be providing the funds for this, as well as allowing me to focus the time on building it.

That’s what I’d like to do, and what I plan on doing. What about you?

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