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When I stopped using Linux

Back in October last year I removed Windows from my world, and started using Linux on my laptop as well as on my PC. I wrote about it in A week of changes:

I’m writing this to you on a brand new operating system – Linux Mint 15 instead of Windows. I no longer use Windows in my life, and have blown away Windows 8.1 on my PC, as well as Windows 7 on my laptop. Now everything is Linux. I love it.

I’ve been playing around with Linux over the past few months to a year, but always through a virtual operating system (VM) on my Windows PC. This past week I decided to change my life by changing my computer systems and forcing myself to learn something new – Linux Mint, a popular variant of Ubuntu

I used it quite happily for about 5 months, until things changed again. In March this year I wrote a small paragraph at the bottom of I’m so tired that significantly related to my use of Linux, but which I haven’t really discussed until now, when I just realised I haven’t talked about it.

I’m using Windows on my laptop again

I’m also thankful that my friend is a bit of a tech-head like me, so that when I got sick of some problems I was having with my Linux OS on my laptop (Xubuntu) tonight, he got out his DVD of Windows 8.1 and I reformatted my laptop and fixed my problems. I’m back on Windows now, where things ‘just work’. Compared to Linux, that is.

The problems I was having on the laptop at the time were wifi problems. The internet would stop working via wifi after an hour or two and I’d have to restart the laptop for it to work again, but then it would die again after another hour or two. My investigations found that it was a known problem within Linux with no known solution at the time, so I essentially did this:


I threw away Linux on my laptop and went back to Windows. Within a week I did the same with my desktop PC.

One of the ongoing issues I have with Linux is that even though it’s an Operating System (OS) that’s been heavily developed and improved upon for over 20 years by some very intelligent people in this world, it’s STILL full of so many debilitating issues that make it difficult to enjoy. In order to use Linux you have to essentially be willing to sacrifice a lot of functional capability and accept the issues that just don’t exist with Windows.

Today I started feeling the urge to use Linux again.

I had to go back through my past posts to remember why I stopped using it. It’s been only 3 months since I stopped using Linux, but it feels longer. I miss it. I miss the functional simplicity and the simple beauty that it has.

But I don’t miss the issues I used to have.

There’s been some upgrades since I last used it, however, so I think I’m going to put it back onto my laptop and play with it, and do some testing and see if the upgrades have resolved the issues that prevented me from continuing to enjoy it. If they don’t, back to Windows I’ll go.

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