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Where’s your damn balls!

There's a guy at work who just started seeing one of the ladies there. He was invited out for a beer but he said he had to talk to his girlfriend first. They spoke on the phone, and he was pleading with her to let him go for just one beer. In the end he told her he would see her soon and hung up, and then said to the other guy that he's not allowed to. They then talked about something else.

I shook my head in amazement.

What is the problem with most men that they feel the need to be slaves to their women? I'm sure if she wanted to go out for a drink with her girlfriends she wouldn't have even asked him!

It's sickening to see a man give up who they are and the things they like doing, just because they're so 'pussy whipped' that they feel they have to do everything the woman wants them to do, otherwise she might be angry at them. She might withhold sex. Or, she might even decide he's not worth staying with, and then he'd be heartbroken at losing her.

Well, I've got news for this hypothetical man, and it's all bad. If she's going to leave him for the simple fact that he has a life with other friends in it, then he doesn't need her!

But most men don't see that. They see relationship as being a sacrifice where they must give up so many things in order to keep the relationship, because they think that sacrificing all those things is better than being alone.

It doesn't need to be that way. You just need to be yourself and continue doing the things you like doing. It's ok to have a life! If the woman can't handle that, then she's not the right woman for you. If she thinks you need to give everything up to satisfy her, then you are alone anyway, because you've left your life behind in favour of a life with only her.

And all you have left is someone who is your master while you're their slave. Maybe a good relationship for some, but is it good for you?

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