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“Who gives a shit what people think about me”

Yesterday I came upon a story about a man who I’d never heard of before, but who was quite outspoken about Indonesia and its upcoming execution of a couple of Australian citizens who were arrested a decade ago for drug offences, and they got the death penalty as a result.

Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward on the Bali Nine Executions: “People are saying, “Oh it’s Indonesian law.” Fuck Indonesian law, what about international law? …You don’t let these little terrorist scumbags take a shit right in your face – because that’s what they are doing. They are laughing at you, they think you’re pussies, they think you’re weak and they’re just going to kill two Australian citizens and get away with it. If I was Prime Minister of Australia I’d go and bomb the motherfuckers, I seriously would.”


His attitude fascinated me. I did some research and found an amazing story of a man who has lived his own life, not caring what others think. Everything he believes in is what I believe in, but he takes it to the edge. Much further than I ever would. But I’m fascinated by this man.

“If you’re always worrying about what other people are going to think about you, you’re going to miss life. You’re going to miss life. You’ve gotta give it up, you’ve just gotta be happy and try and make yourself happy. Who gives a shit what people think about me, I don’t really care.”

Watch this video to get an idea of who he is. It’s only 4 minutes.

 This guy’s a kiwi (New Zealander) who grew up hard, abandoned by his parents and an orphan, shunned and probably abused by people everywhere he went. He had to learn how to survive the hard way. He left NZ and came to Australia and became a famous loan shark on the Gold Coast, offering loans to people and charging them 200-300% interest. Wow. He became very, very wealthy. Then he moved to Thailand and spends time going back to Australia every year to get another tourist visa for another year in Thailand.

He lives in a luxury apartment in Pattaya, famous for its prostitues and sex industry that has sex tourists coming from all over the world. He provides a protection service to the local prostitutes, in exchange for $15 a week from them he looks after them. And the dogs and cats in the area. He’s an animal lover and finds most animals to be a lot better than most people.

This guy and his life is fascinating. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and his life since yesterday when I found out about him. He’s living the life that I advocate – don’t care what other people think, and just do what you want to. I really admire him for it.

“…you’ve just gotta be happy and try and make yourself happy. Who gives a shit what people think about me, I don’t really care.”

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