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Why a change of plans?

Back in January this year I wrote about my plans for 2009, which included modifications to my XR6 Turbo.  And then a couple weeks ago I mentioned my intention to buy a new car…  I just realised I haven’t actually explained why things have changed.  So this post is my explanation.

I ended up recently deciding (thanks to discussions with a friend of mine) that modifying the XR6 Turbo wasn’t worth it because of a range of potential negative side effects to the quality of the engine and other mechanical parts, and that it voids any warranty claims I might want to make in future.  He suggested that ‘if you want a faster car, just buy it’.  That way you get a car that’s factory-built for the performance you’re after, and has all associated warranties.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided he was right.  So my first ‘change of plans’ was to upgrade the car to an F6 Typhoon.  But after comparing the F6 with the HSV, the plan changed yet again, and now the HSV looks like being the upgrade instead.

I don’t intend upgrading the car for another 12 months or so.  This will be when the current vehicle lease payout figure, my projected savings balance, the trade-in value of my XR6T, and a number of planets somewhere in the universe will all be in alignment.  That will be the time to upgrade.

By then I’ll have had the car for almost 3 years.  It’s been a great car, don’t get me wrong.  The main reason I want to upgrade is because I’m in a good position in my life where I can, and I’d like to get this phase of my life out of the way before petrol becomes too expensive or rare!

With the world changing as it is, it’s possible that the HSV will be the last petrol car I’ll ever own – so I may as well make it a powerful V8!

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