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Why a new blog?

I know that as I change, so too can my blog. But really, my (old) blog doesn’t have all the features that I really like about this new blog.

I’m using Blogger’s new blogger system, which is currently in beta. Apparently they’re going to transfer the system over to the old format. I don’t want to wait, and I also think that because I have a customised template that I created myself, it won’t work with Blogger’s new formatting. So I’ve created a new blog with the new system in order to smoothen out the transition for me.

Blogger has created extra functionality that’s easier to use, faster, and includes add-ons called widgets. As they develop it further, I’ll be updating this blog with the extra functionality.

The old blog has 8 years worth of blog posts archived on it. Over 800 posts in total. As I’m changing emotionally, I felt it was a good step for me to change the blog, and use the old one as my archive. It will continue to stay there, and be a record for my life. But now my ‘new’ life continues with this new blog.

Thanks for sharing it with me.

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