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Winter Solstice and new meetings

I've had a great weekend!

I went to see my friend Kath, who had a winter solstice party. She lives on the coast, about two and a half hours drive from Canberra. I went there on Saturday afternoon, and returned late Sunday afternoon.

At the party I met this lovely woman who shall be called Missy. We hit it off straight away, enjoying some great and stimulating conversation. There were a lot of people at the party, with lots of kids there as well. At one point Missy asked where I was sleeping. I said that I'd probably have to fight for some floor space there, otherwise I'd just end up driving home. She offered me a spare bed at her place if I was interested. Interested? A bit of an understatement…!! So I took her up on her offer and followed her home at around midnight or thereabouts. After she put her kids to bed (4 yo daughter and 7 yo son), we sat up and talked until around 3am, then we went to bed… in different beds. *grin* I'm forward, but not that forward! I don't like making any moves on 'first dates', and this was certainly a special first date. So on Sunday (yesterday) we all (including her kids) went for a walk on this nice beach, and then we had a bit of lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. It was a lovely, relaxing day.

At around 2pm I had to leave, as I had to return to Canberra, but I had to stop in on Kath to say goodbye first. While I was at Kath's, Missy rang Kath to tell me to come back with the baby seat… Hehehe. So I took that back and then came home.

I rang her tonight to say hello and all that… she told me that she was really glad that she met me, and that she likes me. I told her that the feeling was mutual, that I liked her as well. It was a nice conversation on the phone, lasting for just over an hour. I think we're both very happy that we've met each other….

She used to live in Canberra as well, so she's hoping to come up here and visit me every now and again to "do some shopping". Naturally I said yes. Oh, she also wants to try out my spa… *smile*

I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go.

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