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I’ve noticed – and you’ve probably noticed too – that MOST blogs and websites out there are writing about stuff they can help people with. They’re providing value, helping visitors find answers to the questions they have, which brought them to the site in the first place.

Every instance of a search engine being used is an instance of someone with a problem, and they’re looking for help.

Every time a website is visited because it’s appeared in search results, it’s an instance of someone looking for help and hoping to find it on the website.

And every time someone comes to this blog via a search engine, I know they’re here looking for answers.

But this blog isn’t here to help people find the answers that often brings them here. This blog is called Alan’s Journey for a reason – it’s about my journey through life, the experiences and the observations I have as I travel, grow, learn new things, and explore who I am and what I’m doing in this world I’m part of.

If I help someone resolve a problem along the way, then that’s great! And I know some of what I write is designed to help people find answers, especially if it’s something I’ve learned that has helped me find a solution for my own problem.

This blogs’ primary purpose is not to help resolve other people’s problems – it’s to help me resolve my own problems. And along the way, others might find my growth to be of value to them too.

That’s the kind of purpose I have for this blog.

Something I’m aware of, however, is that those things which do provide answers to people, I can use in my favour. I can turn them into eBooks, or even dedicated websites that simply focus on helping people within its ‘niche’.

I’ll be working on that over time.

What have you enjoyed about this blog? What have you NOT enjoyed? What do you think I should stop doing, and what do you think I should do more of?

I’d be very interested in your feedback.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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