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You can see your future too

There are some people who claim to be clairvoyants. They might be, they might not be – that’s not the issue. The issue is – how valid is the future that they see for people?

People who go to clairvoyants are usually unsure of where they stand in life, and are insecure about what they’re doing and where their path is leading them. They see clairvoyants, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, etc, in order to gain some reassurance about their lives, that what they’re doing is right, or that there’s hope for them in their near future.

Everyone is born with what I call ‘reality’s road map’ of their life and the paths available to them, but most people can’t see their map and they’re lost. They’re drifting around, trying to find a path that will take them somewhere positive.

Their visits to the clairvoyant are their attempts at finding some sense in the madness of confusion and uncertainty. They feel that people who can ‘see the future’ are going to help them find the correct path, or reassure them that the path they’re on is the right one.

The problem is that the clairvoyants aren’t always right.

Some people swear by certain clairvoyants, saying that everything they were told came true. And then others who might see the same clairvoyant find that years later, nothing that was said came true.

What makes their predictions for some people come true, and not come true for others?

It’s because your path on reality’s road map changes. It changes because you have free will. You can choose your path and you can change your mind at any time.

The path you’re on at the time you visit the clairvoyant will lead you in a certain direction, and they may see that path and describe it for you. If you continue to follow that path, what they described will probably eventuate. But if you allow yourself to be diverted from that path, which can easily occur through interaction with other people and events, your path can change. And before you know it, you’re on a completely different path as a result of your freedom to choose your own life.

But then, as far as you’re concerned, the clairvoyant was wrong.

Here’s a wake-up call to those who then use this as ‘proof’ that the clairvoyant is a fake. If they can see a future (‘if’ being the operative word here, of course) and describes it to you, then they’re never wrong. It’s always only a possible future that’s relevant to your life in that instant. But if they don’t understand the nature of change and free will in this universe, they won’t tell you it might not happen. Hell, if they even let you think that everything they describe could be completely wrong, then there’d be no point in you coming to see them any more, let alone paying them for the session you’ve just had! They need your money as much as you need hope and reassurance.

I used to be a clairvoyant, a long time ago. I had success with telling people’s future, and even seeing people’s past. But I quickly learnt that sometimes, what I saw of a future didn’t always happen. Parts of it did, but other parts didn’t. I came to realise this was because the future is never certain. It’s fluid, and it changes with our decisions.

So how is it that clairvoyants can see things that may or may not come to pass?

Good question, young grasshopper! I’m glad you asked.

The only explanation that makes sense, of course (at least to me), is that our choices in life create other realities (other dimensions) where each of those choices are real, as well as the ongoing consequences of those choices. They aren’t necessarily the reality that you might end up in, but they exist nonetheless.

If you have three choices, but you can only choose one of them, realities come into existence where each of those choices are real.

Clairvoyants are able to psychically see the most likely reality ahead of you at the time you visit them.

Try to get your head around this (and let me know if you can!) – as a spiritual being you have the power to see how a choice may affect your life. You have a connection with a higher self that’s not inside this reality, and therefore can see it from outside. You can see how choices create new realities, and you can see the consequences of each choice. You can see all the paths that become available to you as a result of each choice.

If the connection to your higher self is weak, then you’re not going to be able to connect with that awareness of the consequences of your choices, and you’re going to be drifting around, not knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Anyone can be psychic and see their future

Clairvoyance can be available to anyone, not just ‘special people’. Your ‘spiritual connection’ makes itself available to you in your trust and awareness of your intuition, your ‘gut feelings’, and even your own personal wisdom. If you have none of those feelings or qualities, or if you ignore them, then you are operating entirely on a physical level. You’re not seeing the big picture.

The big picture is that if you trusted yourself, trusted your feelings and your heart, and let yourself do those things which you know and feel are best for you, then you would actually be on the path that you’re meant to be on.

The interesting thing about reality’s road map is that just like the map we have in a car’s GPS, it details all the different paths that are available to us. It’s up to us to choose which path we follow.

Opening our hearts and honestly accepting our feelings is the best way of choosing the best path for our life.

The signs showing the path you should follow are visible to you in how you feel about people and events in your life. If something or someone is causing you grief, you have the power to change it or walk away from it.

By walking away from something that’s just not working for you, no matter what you’re doing, then you’re choosing a different path, and that can often be the most rewarding thing you could do for yourself.

The next time you have a number of choices to choose from, try something different. Take the time out for yourself to imagine, one by one, the results and consequences of each of those choices. See where your imagination takes you. Focus on the reality in your mind that branches off from each of those choices. Allow yourself to make a decision based on your feelings about each of those imagined realities.

How do you know that what you imagine isn’t actually a link to that spiritual part of you that sees those realities taking place? How do you know that by making this a habit in your life, you are doing exactly what you hope the clairvoyants will do for you?

You’re seeing possible futures, and you can use what you see in your mind to help you make wise choices in your life. The future you choose is entirely in your hands.

Reality’s road map is unique to each individual, and everyone has access to it – if they only let themselves see it.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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