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Yum Cha

I went out to yum cha today with Ben, Trish, Monique, Garry, Renu and Matt. It was great! Unfortunately, Deidre wasn't able to make it, as she had to play netball. I was supposed to go with her today, but she said I could go to yum cha instead. Cool… but it means I'll definitely be going to netball with her next week. I promised. (I want to take photos of the nice legs running around.)

I took a few photos of the yum cha. I tried not to use the flash, in order to be discreet, but they didn't turn out that good. I think I'll use the flash in future, regardless.

Here's a few photos of stuff that I didn't eat. *shudder*

That one is chicken feet. *shudder* Disgusting stuff.

That's Trish about to take the plunge and eat a chicken foot…. *shudder*

And that is pig's ears. *shudder*

I've done a lot of shuddering today, but thankfully it's over. Until tomorrow. Deidre and I are actually doing yum cha (again for me) with some other friends. I suspect that we won't be getting the disturbing stuff…

Don't get me wrong… I love yum cha! But my tastes are a little more conservative.

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