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12 Reasons Why I Should Sell E-books

ebooksI’m looking to make me some money from the internet. I hear that ebooks are the way to go, so I’ll be working on some original content from past articles that I’ve done, bringing them together in ebooks.

Here’s a few reasons why I should be doing this right now:

  1. Selling ebooks means my earning potential becomes unlimited. They’re always available for people to buy. I will no longer need to exchange my time for money.
  2. Each ebook becomes a new ‘product’, creating a new income stream. I can have multiple income streams instead of just one.
  3. It costs me nothing to ‘manufacture’ an ebook, it’s purely a digital product. I don’t have to spend money on materials when selling them. It’s 100% profit.
  4. The market is the entire world, and the audience is everywhere.
  5. I’m adding value to people’s lives. My ebooks will give them solutions and information that they’re willing to pay for.
  6. Leverage is an important factor. The internet is a huge leverage tool in its own right. Advertising and affiliate marketing allows others to sell my ebooks for me.
  7. It costs practically nothing to set up.
  8. You spend the time on creating an ebook and then spend no more time on it once it’s ‘out there’, and it keeps on making money for me.   9. I can work from home.   10. I can make sure my ebook business is fully automated, so that people can buy and download my ebooks without me doing anything.
  9. Having published ebooks helps establish me as an expert in my niche, whatever that might be.
  10. I can create an ebook and then have it available for sale to the whole world in less than a day. That’s pretty amazing!   13. I can do write and publish ebooks in my spare time, while still maintaining a day job. Anything I earn will be a nice bonus.
  11. When my ebooks become popular and earn me enough money to quit the day job, I’ll have all the spare time I could possibly want, with the ebooks earning money without me needing to be ‘working’.
  12. If I want more money, I write more ebooks!

I better get started now!

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