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Becoming a Perpetual Traveler

Freedom. It’s something that’s been important to me for many years. It’s something I’ve aspired to, but never quite succeeded. And today I discovered a new term called ‘Perpetual Traveller’ that, simply put, excites the absolute hell outta me. You might be wondering what that is.

From its wikipedia entry we have this definition:

In practical terms, perpetual travellers (PTs) are people who live in such a way that they are not considered a legal resident of any of the countries in which they spend time. By lacking a legal permanent residence status, they seek to avoid the legal obligations which may accompany residency, such as income and asset taxes, social security contributions, jury duty and military service. For example, while PTs may hold citizenship in one or more countries that impose taxes based solely on residency, their legal residence will most likely be in a tax haven. PTs may spend the majority of their time in other countries, never staying long enough to be considered a resident.

Sounds attractive, right? Well, it sure does to me.

So now I have to build an internet business that can allow me to make money so that I can afford to pay for Fanfan and I to travel from country to country indefinitely. Not having to pay income tax on anything I earn is a mighty attractive bonus with that.

What about you? Have you heard of this before? Maybe you’re even someone that does it, or knows someone that does it? Or maybe you’d like to know more about it?

Please leave your comments and feedback below. The more I can learn about this the better.

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