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My new camera

I’ve decided that this year is going to see me really improve on my photography interest. One of the biggest annoyances I’ve had with film photography is the cost involved in buying new film and development costs, accompanied by the hassle of not knowing how your shot turned out until you get the film developed.

After conducting some research on the net yesterday and today for a good digital camera, I’ve settled on:


I organised purchase of it today, and it’ll arrive in the country around January 15th, so in about 1 or 2 weeks I’ll have it in my hot little hands.

The reason I decided on this is because:

– 30x zoom
– rechargeable batteries
– manual and auto features equivalent to a professional SLR camera
– flash
– USB connection for image downloading
– fast reaction to pressing the shutter button and refreshing for another shot
– ISO settings up to 800 (which means I can take nighttime shots)

All that and more!

The ultimate reason for getting it is so that I can take photos, review them on the spot, and take more, finally getting a perfect shot if I really really want to. No more waiting for film to be developed to find out if I got a crap shot or not. I hated that.

Even though the price tag was reasonably hefty, I organised to pay it off over 36 months, so I can have it for the same as what I was spending on film developing each month anyway! Sounds bloody good to me! And I’ll probably sell the other 3 SLRs that I have to offset the cost, so it’ll work out reasonably well.

I did my usual and enjoyable trick of negotiating with the salesman, and ended up getting $100 off the price, as well as a free additional 128Mb memory card (so I can store lots of photos on it), a free recharge kit for the batteries, and a free carry bag. I was pretty happy with that!

Once I get it, there’s going to be a lot more photos in my journal. Woohoo!

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