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11 January 2003

I've come into work today, a Saturday, in order to catch up on some intranet work that I need to get done. I noticed that the underground carpark remote for after hours staff is still on my team leader's desk, because the after hours person on at the moment doesn't have a car. So I asked if I can use it until it's needed again, and she said said yes! (My team leader is here covering for someone who couldn't make it… I whinged that I wasn't called, but that's a different story…).

So now, instead of catching the bus, until further notice I have a car park in the very centre of the city. Woohoo! Now THAT'S a luxury!


I went on a breakfast date this morning with this woman I've been chatting with on a dating site. She turned out to be NOT like what she described, and I wasn't attracted to her anyway, so I won't be seeing her any more.

Why, on dating sites, do people pretend to be something they're not? They don't put up a photo and then make these claims about what they look like, and then they go meet these people that they have talked to, who have a completely false idea about who they are, and they expect things to go as normal? Do they hope people won't notice?

It's bloody annoying. But it's a good reason for meeting someone who seems interesting in the first few days of online chatting, because it's better to get the meeting out of the way and move on if that's the case, than it is to get emotionally involved with who you think they are, and then end up being disappointed.

Maybe they hope that their personality will carry them through… and maybe it does for some people, but not for me. Attraction towards someone really has to be on so many different levels, including physical.

Photos, webcams, and more photos… if you can't meet them physically for a while, at least get as much visual information as possible. Attraction is important in potential relationships, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply fooling themselves because their low self confidence has them hoping someone will accept them for their personality rather than their looks. Their only joy will be with someone who has low self-confidence themselves, and they'll probably make a happy couple.

But that's not me.


I'm really moving into the theme of getting into counselling this year. Last year it was a thought pattern coming to life. This year, it's being pro-active and making sure I actually do something about it. I'm telling people that's what I'm going to do this year. My masseur knows someone who's going to be running a small mentoring course, which I'm going to look into when she gets the information to me.

And then there's the Reiki course I'm doing from March. http://www.e-mcity.com/reiki1.htm (That link leads to some good information about Reiki.) I think it's about time I started pursuing my spirituality and getting into some healing.

This year is really going to be exciting and full of stuff to move forward with.

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