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About Me

alan-fanfanI’m Alan, a 47 year old mild-mannered web designer by day, and opinionated writer by night. I enjoy life with my beautiful wife, Fanfan.

This blog is where you’ll find the stuff I’m interested in writing about, with a lot of it being about the connections that we have with other people, and the choices that we can make to help improve our lives.

I’m passionate about being honest and open as I share my interests, experiences, insights, observations and opinions that I have as I journey through this life.

Some of the things I love writing about include:

  • learning new things about myself
  • connections with and between people
  • making better choices in our life
  • freedom to live as we choose
  • photography and travel
  • software technology

It’s my privilege to have you join me for a while.

Please leave comments where you feel inclined to, or contact me for more personal conversations.

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